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A website can be your individual house on the world wide web to catalogue your thinking, some ideas, ideas & recommendations on absolutely anything you want. You may ask Why would anyone want to hear my opinion on xyzbut I would then ask you to answer this question Is there anyone else out there who has had exactly the same life as youThe answer is a definite no. You're unique, meaning t... First of all it crucial that you take a look at why we would need to build our personal websiteA weblog is the own house on the net to catalogue your thoughts, ideas, opinions & suggestions on absolutely what you want. You may ask Why would anyone want to hear my opinion on xyzbut I would then request you to remedy this question Is there someone else out there who has had the same life as youThe clear answer is a definite no. You're unique, which means that the your viewpoints and experiences your outlook and learning will differ to that of someone else and therefore will be something that other people will take an interest in. What-ever your interests are, by making your own blog you can share your experiences of them with others and who knows, some body may learn something. If you are selling an online business a website is a great way to raise your SEO by increasing the amount of links back to your primary site. It's also a place for your peers, affiliates and downline to go to you and is a superb method to confirm your situation as a leader in your field when you supply them with normal, good quality information. There are numerous blogging providers online and I highly recommend that you have a browse around and get the most readily useful one for you, I did and that's how I came across http://Blogger.com This is one of the simplest methods I have ever come across and you can have your own personal blog up and running in a matter-of minutes. Heres how Step 1 When you arrive at the home page click the Create Your Blog Now link in the centre of the page or if you desire to just take the quick visit first. Step Two You will be re-directed towards the Create an account site where you'll have to offer blogger with 5 bits of very basic information. Then read and accept the terms & conditions and click continue Step 3 You will then be taken to the Name your Blog site where you'll have to thats right, name your website. The name you determine to give your blog should be an easy important description of the purpose of your blog. If it's for business reasons then keep it skilled, clear and direct; if its for personal/social use then you are able to probably afford to be a tad bit more creative ;-) You'll then have to decide on the address, again if its for business use then do not forget that you'll be offering this address out to people so you want to buy to become something ideal. Once you have typed in the blog address, that'll seem like this http://YOUR-ADDRESS.blogspot.com click on the check availability to verify that it's available. After it has been recognized typ-e the figures you see in the phrase evidence area and proceed right to another page. (There is an option for high level set-up, but until you are already very techno savvy its something you will come back once again to later.) Step 4 Then you will soon be asked to select a theme for your website. It is a opportunity for one to put a few of your character in-to the website so take your time and sort through all the templates. Imagine the type of material you're planning to release and what sort of history you would like to have that framed by. There are 12 to select from and you can make more changes in a later date if you want to. Ensure the theme you wish to use and click continue. Step 5 Congratulate yourself! Thats it. You have just created your first blog prepared to show your thoughts, articles and suggestions for the world. Click on the start publishing arrow and that will get you in to your blogger back-office where you can include information to you account, add a picture or perhaps start writing. You will have to ping your blog when you are able to provide you blog to-the world. This is not a solo version of the table tennis game alternatively pinging is the manner in which you let all blog sites know that your blog is ready to be listed, without this no-one will get to see it. The fantastic news is that pinging your site is even easier than creating it. Go to http://www.Pingomatic.com and complete your blog name and address, then scroll down and pick all services to ping, then all you need to do is click on the Send Pings url and thats it. Now dozens of blog list ser-vices will become aware of your blog and manage to list it. Learn more on our favorite partner site - Browse this web page http://www.kiwibox.com/charl83pale23/blog/entry/140821145/paid-survey-scam-how-to-stay-away-from-paid-survey-scams-/?pPage=0. Each time you update your blog with another post or thought only go re-ping and back in-the same manner. This very easy to use and set up system is a great way to keep you and your company right in the public-domain and all it costs is a few minutes of your time..